Pictured: An artistbasics Desolenator ' align='left' /> Carlsberg turns to thermal solar tech to meet water stewardship ambitions Multinational brewer Carlsberg Group has revealed that it is investing in the world's first solar thermal water purification facility, in India, as part of its work with WaterAid. Pictured: An artist's impression of the facility. Image: Desolenator  The facility is being developed by Desolenator and is due to come online in 2021. Once complete, it will provide 20,000 litres of clean drinking water to the residents of The Sundarbans in West Bengal. The brewer’s Kolkata brewery is 120km away from the new facility. West Bengal is experiencing water stress due to rising temperatures, which have, in turn, contributed to sea-level rise and extreme weather events. It was affected by Cyclone Amphan earlier this year and existing aquifers are experiencing pollution and damage in the aftermath of the disaster. Carlsberg is working with organisations including charity WaterAid and researchers at Strathclyde University as well as Desolenator. The charity will work to ensure that water from the facility is distributed fairly and will train local female entrepreneurs to staff the facility and undertake further R&D. The announcement comes as Carlsberg works towards its Together Towards Zero sustainability strategy , which includes targets to reduce water consumption by 25% in breweries, with the more ambitious targets placed on high-risk sites. As a result, water consumption below 2 hl/hl should be achieved - well below the  global best practice average  of 3.4hl/hl.